Are you going to vote in this election for a party that represents your values?

Are you going to vote in this election for a party that represents your values?

Everyone meet my awesome Dad! 🙂

My 80 year old conservative, lifetime Liberal voting father is a lovely man. He’s been a wonderful Dad to three sons, husband to my beautiful Mum (50 year wedding anniversary this year) and grandfather. He’s kind, gentle and compassionate, hardworking (still farming at 80) and like some other Australians he’s concerned about our economy, border protection and asylum seekers and he’ll admit to still being a little uncomfortable with homosexuality. Thankfully he’s acknowledged climate change is real. 😉

I was up on the farm helping him split wood the other day and asked him to complete Vote Compass which is a tool developed by political scientists for exploring how your views align with the major parties. The results were not what we predicted at all.

I’m not sharing this because I want people to support the Australian Labor Party or The Australian Greens over Liberal Party of Australia. I freely admit I vote Green these days. I’m sharing it because I wonder how many other people in Australia are voting for a political party that no longer represents their core values. Surely these people would want to know if their vote was going to the wrong team, we are all after all passionate about our values.

FullSizeRenderWhile I can tell he’s re-evaluating his allegiance to the Liberals I don’t know if my Dad will vote Green this election. He was shocked by the results and we all had a good laugh around the dining table but it’s hard for one survey to change a habit formed over decades. He definitely valued the experience though, enough he gave his support and permission for me to share it with you all.

Both he and I encourage everyone out there to please complete Vote Compass to ensure you and your family are voting in line with your values, it certainly doesn’t hurt to check!

Here’s the link:

Who knows, my Dad probably still end up v oting Liberal but he will always be the same kind, compassionate and caring man and the best father I could have wished for.

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