Some companies are getting it!

Some companies are getting it!

came back today from a meeting with a prospective client and to be completely honest I was pleasantly surprised to find a progressive retail company with a real willingness to embrace new techniques for building their brand AND improving their business.

Too often these days I find companies wanting the benefits of a successful social media strategy without understanding the underlying need to objectively review the way they work.

Social media shines a spotlight on everything you do and the varied ways in which you do it. If being a good corporate citizen isn’t motivation enough to change the way your company operates, having 50,000 fans waiting to expose your every mistake should be.

This doesn’t mean that a company should hide away from social media, avoiding all avenues for potential criticism.  On the contrary, engage with your customers and take them along on your companies journey towards a better way of doing business.

Remember, social media is about building relationships and nothing builds relationships like sharing a journey of change.

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