Quizzed & Confused Smartphone App

One of my favourite projects of 2016 was the Rainbow Serpent Festival smartphone app based quiz.

I came up with the concept to serve a number of purposes.

Firstly it’s a great tool to impart important information through a dynamic platform, we have text, picture and video questions available to use and the quiz included questions on sustainability, health and safety issues.

It also enables emergency communication through notifications and reduces our reliance on social media platforms such as Facebook.

The quiz is also a lighthearted and fun avenue for our community to communicate with each other throughout the year. With a full leaderboard across multiple topic categories and a map based view of users I’m pleased to say we had people playing all over the world. 🙂

Not entirely sure if this has been done before within the festival scene but I see it as a great tool to give away prizes and engage with our patrons. 🙂