Politicians and leaders, never the twain shall meet!

Politicians and leaders, never the twain shall meet!


Once or twice a year I get reminded that I’m part of a somewhat hidden subculture in Australia. I surround myself with such amazing, genuine, compassionate and progressive thinking people I am sometimes caught off guard when I hear people express their views on homosexuality, multiculturalism, the environment, drugs or capital punishment.

All of a sudden I’m reminded I exist within an unconsciously constructed bubble in a society that is largely intolerant, scared, ignorant, unforgiving and apathetic. A society where science is ignored in favour of greed. Where our future is ransomed for the sake of appeasing the ill-informed and where pioneers of progressive thought are labelled loonies.

You would think there would be a desire to grow as a species, to develop greater wisdom to rid ourselves of the shackles of archaic fears and ignorance and to embrace a future that’s not only possible but very much within reach.

I hold out hope that we will get there before it is too late but we need REAL leaders. Men and women of vision, who are unwavering in their commitment to change. Men and women who can’t be bought or silenced and who have the charisma, fortitude and passion to ignite the hearts and minds of our nation.

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